The BGANCwould like to thank you for joining us at the2017 BGANC Boer Goat Blitz . We appreciate you bringing such awesome goats and look forward to seeing for the 2018 Blitz.    We also want to thank for your suggestions.   We will review them carefully.     

                                                                                          The show results have been submitted to the ABGA!  

The BGANC would like to take a moment and honor the Memory of Cam Faircloth of MegaBucks Semen Collection out of Monroe, Georgia.  Cam suffered a massive stroke a week ago and passed away as a result.  His family remains in our prayers as they mourn his loss.   We ask that you also lift the Faircloth family up during this time of sorrow.  

The goat industry also mourns this great loss as well.  Cam was a master in his trade of buck collection.  Mega Bucks Semen Collection was called upon to collect bucks for both the dairy and meat goat industries.  Cam's work was superb and you never had to wonder if your collection was successfully collected or preserved.  His work gave high semen count, well preserved straws and included some of the greatest bucks that ever lived and will now be available for human generations to come.   His services were sought after all across the country. Cam also made the whole ordeal fun, even comical at times, with his quick wit and humor.  Working with Cam was always memorable.

Cam's schedule took him on many miles of travel; his itinerary was packed.   He served North Carolina at Smithfield's Johnston County Livestock Arena as well as at private farms where collection groups had gathered.  Roger McSwain said that Cam had collected his bucks for about twenty years.  During that time a friendship grew and mutual respect was garnered.  This is the story all across the country I'm sure.  Heather Bender of Bender's Boers in South Carolina was mentored by Cam in her goat farm endeavors.  Cam was always willing to help those genuinely dedicated to the industry.  When buck collection was mentioned, the question that followed was "Is Cam doing it?"  When the answer was yes, the next response was "Oh good!" 

Brittney Fitzpatrick of The Monroe Tribune posted an article in Sept. 2016, that addressed the way our country is viewed now versus 15 years ago.  Cam was quoted as saying "I think our country has grown stronger. "  I believe this shows that  Cam saw the good in our country when others may have seen a different side.  I also believe this is because Cam worked with goat farmers across a large portion of this great nation and the goat farming community is an exceptional community.  He saw the best in our country where we came together to help one another out.    The goat community will not forget Cam Faircloth who preserved the best of the best.   Cam will truly be missed.

In Memory of Cam Faircloth

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