About Us

The Boer Goat Association of North Carolina (BGANC) is organized to:

               a. Foster the education of all interested citizens in Boer Goat animal husbandry.

               b. Develop protocols and methodology to improve quality of the Boer Goat, and

               c. Pursue strategies to enhance the advancement and marketing of the Boer Goat.


BGANC seeks continuous improvement in the Boer goat as a breed, breeding for soundness, correctness, good health and resistance to disease, more meat, and easy keeping.  BGANC promotes the quality of the breed through events designed around the Boer goat and that support its attributes.

BGANC is dedicated to help support Boer goat professionals in North Carolina by searching out and sharing with members proven practices and processes that help them manage their facilities, animals, and marketing in a manner that reduces effort and cost and results in the greatest potential for profit in the market and success in the show ring.

BGANC members work together to improve their herds.  They want to offer a venue for all goat farmers to interact.  We all have something unique to offer one another.  BGANC members build a strong organization focused on the improvement of the Boer goat industry.

There is clearly a market for quality Boer goats.  North Carolina‚Äôs central location on the east coast makes it a prime source for eastern markets in the north and in the south.  At the same time we face some challenges that need to be addressed such as parasite control, reducing the costs of managing our herds, and identifying the best market for our